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A Product Packaging Project • April 2021

I created logo design and cover design for a four-book series for Nethania, the CEO of Sovereignty Beauty, which is a skincare line based in New York City.

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BACKGROUND. Sovereignty Beauty is an organic skincare and wellness company based in New York and founded by Nethania Abraham. Her goal is to educate women and men about the ingredients found in everyday skincare and self care products; while providing a collection of natural and non toxic products. They are committed to providing affordable, quality, therapeutic, and holistic services to aid their clients to live a more balanced, nature-filled, and divine feminine life. Nethania was in need of a logo redesign, four ebook covers design along with additional infographics for social media about how females should practice skincare and wellness.

TARGET AUDIENCE. The target audience is primarily women who are between 26 to 32 years of age. They love skincare, are mainly interested in green beauty and clean products.

LOGO. Regarding the logo redesign, she loves flat design and wanted the new logo to look close to the original one, which would still have an icon of a lotus but could be designed differently and still have the same colour palette (black, white and gold). The new logo should express her brand's unique characteristics: feminine, light, formal, elegant and simple.

YONIOLOGY BOOK. Yoniology is the study of womb science of the Divine Feminine to heal and empower the woman through herbal medicine. With this book, Nethania wished to offer reproductive and spiritual education to women worldwide to act as a catalyst for physical and ancestral healing. Regarding its cover design, she wanted an illustration of flowers and petals at first glance and that looks like a female reproductive organ. She wanted it to look feminine in pink.

THE GLO' TIPS BOOK. The Glo' Tips covers four areas of skincare including diet, lifestyle, personal habits, and products. It also talks about skincare tips, skincare regimen and experience.

HOLISTIC REMEDIES BOOK. The book 'All Natural Remedies for Cold & Flu season' covers homemade remedies from nature's pharmacy. This book will guide readers through ingredients, preparations, and proper usage.

SCIENCE TO SKINCARE 101 BOOK. Science to Skincare 101 is an introduction to green living and green beauty. With this book, readers will learn about the ingredients that shouldn't be in their skincare and self care products. This book will highlight ingredients in skincare products, haircare products, baby products and more.

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BOOK COVERS. I started off the book covers design firstly following the project timeline. After the initial client meetings and brand discovery, I then started off the design process with more research about the books' contents, skincare ingredients and relevant online inspirations which helped me creating moodboards and finding photo reference for illustrations. The next step was creating cover concepts sketches on paper. This helped me brainstorm the book covers concepts, illustration, layout and their aesthetics/vibes quickly. After deciding which direction I like best, I then continue illustrating in detail in Photoshop, one book at a time. Overall, I spent a lot of time illustrating, perfecting them, and experimenting with different typefaces.

Regarding the 'Yoniology' book cover design, it contains an illustration of a stylized rose flower. The book looks feminine in light pink with wavy heading that flows well with the visuals. For 'The Glo' Tips' book cover, I was inspired by the lighting of a light bulb that glows in the dark. I illustrated a glowing antique mirror and blooming flowers with a golden colour palette. Regarding the 'All Natural Remedies for Cold & Flu season' book, I illustrated some main ingredients of the book which includes: lemon, ginger, elderberry, orange, cayenne pepper, oregano, raw honey, fresh rosemary, lime, cinnamon, and turmeric. The 'Science to Skincare 101' book includes chemistry glasswares and plants visuals. The main colour was green as the book is about green living and green beauty.

LOGO REDESIGN. After learning about the client and defining existing problems within the original logo design (the logo icon looked too detailed to be seen fully in small sizes and typeface, spacing problems), I came up with some design solution to improve brand's look. I redesigned the logo icon which resembled a lotus flower more than the original logo. I also played around with initials S, B and different typefaces, especially those that are modern, feminine and classy looking. The logos came with different variations: horizontal, stacked and icon.


Illustrated book covers and logo design for a small organic skincare and wellness line in New York City.


Sovereignty Beauty


Beauty, Health & Wellness


Adobe Photoshop, Adobe Illustrator, Adobe InDesign

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