Exmouth View Hotel

A UX/UI Project • January 2021

Exmouth View Hotel is a traditional family-run hotel in the United Kingdom. In this project, I handled the website development process, starting with a problem within the original website to the final design solution.

Fictitious landing page design


Exmouth View Hotel is a traditional family-run hotel offering affordable accommodation with excellent quality home-cooked food. Since the company's website looks outdated and don't have a logo, I imagined myself as their web designer and created a simple logo as well as a brand new website design. My key goal was to design an ideal and modern responsive website that would generate positive emotions and express the brand's values and characteristics (simple, affordable, warm and a bit of fun). The website should also display all necessary key information while keeping it neatly organized and user-friendly. Exmouth View Hotel's target audience are families and travellers who are young adults.

Fictitious homepage desktop screens


PROBLEMS & SOLUTIONS. After doing some research and define the main problem of Exmouth View Hotel (lacking information organization and design), I started thinking about how I would restructure the content on the website to improve user experience. I came up with some solutions and features that would make the navigation process smoother: adding call to action (the most important are online chat and reservation), the sections on the homepage (with a priority on the Rooms page), contact information and social media.

WIREFRAMES. I then created wireframes, or sections organization. Wireframes helped me think about the layout of the website based on the website's features and their priority levels. I started with sketches on paper. This helped me brainstorm the layout concepts quickly, and then I continued designing in detail on Adobe Xd. I started the design firstly on mobile, then moved up to tablet, and lastly desktop.

DESIGN. Throughout the design process, the biggest challenge I faced was making the website modern yet still traditional enough. The final website design was focused on good visuals, legible text, and simple, clean layouts by paying attention to white spaces. The typefaces used are the eye-catching, classy Proza Display for headings, and the versatile Open Sans for body copy, buttons and some sub-headings. The colour palette consists of light, warm, and inviting colours, avoiding the dull, old and cold colours that exists in the original website. The visuals and graphics were inspired by architecture elements such as arch doors and diamond floor tiles.


Passion Project — Responsive website for a family-run hotel.




Hospitality & Hotel


Adobe Xd, Figma, Adobe Photoshop

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