Illustrations For Awareness

An Illustration Project • May 2021

Some illustration graphics I created for events were posted on my previous company’s Instagram account.

Fictitious landing page design

These are some of the illustrations I created for EmpowHERto, a non-profit organization in Toronto. The illustrations would be posted on social media and website blogs and they talked about various subjects such as positive affirmations, inspirational women, confidence and leadership, skincare and self care, Black Lives Matter movement, etc. The objective is to create colourful illustrations of women in all skin tones, backgrounds that not only are beautiful but also spread awareness. Company's target audience is mostly teens and young adults who are female.

Fictitious homepage desktop screens

For these illustration tasks, I started off my creative process with doing research about relevant online inspirations and/or photo references for illustration. I also sometimes sketched out and brainstormed some visual layouts and illustrations on paper. I then continued the artwork in detailed digitally on Illustrator and/or Photoshop. I mostly did in Illustrator since EmpowHERto's overall art style is flat, and continued in Photoshop when the work needed some shading or textures. Throughout the illustration process, I wanted to make sure that I included a diverse group of people, and the overall work should look pretty while expressed its message, followed brand guidelines and looked cohesive with company's Instagram feed.


Illustrations created for a Toronto based non-profit organization for women's empowerment




Nonprofit & Charity, Health & Wellness


Adobe Illustrator

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