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A Brand Identity Project • June 2021

This is the updated personal branding design that I started creating during the winter break of 2020. The brand materials I created are: logo, stationery (business card, letterhead, envelopes, thank you card), a portfolio booklet, a portfolio website and a promotional piece.

Fictitious landing page design


TARGET AUDIENCE. My target audience is anyone who needs their designs done, who are/is mostly in the age range 20 to 50, mostly women in business with stable source of income and based in North America. They are interested in one/some of the design services I offer: logo/brand development, stationery design, packaging design, user interface design and illustration. They are in love with clean, sophisticated and playful design pieces as well.

GOALS. My goals (as it pertains to graphic design) are to focus on building my portfolio, personal branding and to get them done nicely and not overthinking during the process. The branding materials and online portfolio website help to promote my design services and to get noticed. It is also to help establish who I am and showcase my design skills; and to introduce me to the employer.

Fictitious homepage desktop screens


THOUGHTS. To me, branding for yourself is the most difficult thing to do; especially for a perfectionist like I am. It needs a lot of efforts, moodboarding and understanding myself and my style to come up with the end result. But the good thing is that I had complete control over how I want this project to go because I am my own client. The process of tackling a challenge is satisfying. Also, the most exciting part of the personal branding is designing and building my own website, which takes some learning curves and a lot of time and efforts since it was my first time using Webflow. I am proud of myself for building the live website like how I envisioned.

LOGO/BRAND DEVELOPMENT. Initial logo concepts were created based on moodboards and research. Throughout this process, I played around with typography and soft, organic shapes inspired by calligraphy and brush strokes, leaves, flowers and sparkles. I also played around with my name initials M, G, T. The final logo design is simple, feminine, soft but bold. Throughout the design process, I designed many additional icons as brand elements and ended up liking this pattern combination the most. It consists of flowers and sparkles, which represents femininity and creativity. The brand also used a bright and colourful colour palette which consists of off white, pink, green, orange and red. Pastels are predominantly used for background as they are soft and airy. The typefaces used are the calligraphic-inspired serif typeface called Ogg for headings and the versatile, contemporary sans-serif typeface GT America for smaller headings and body text.

BRANDING MATERIALS. I find the design interesting because vertical business cards are not usually as popular which makes my brand stand out more. On the back of the card, there are two sets of patterns in four brand colours. Besides business cards, other stationery items are letterhead, envelopes and a thank you card. All the designs contained brand elements, contact information, other contents and they followed the brand typography and colours.

WEBSITE. I came up with website sections that suits my need along with some unique features (resume download button, work filtering system, contact info linking to a questionnaire form, etc.). The next step was creating wireframes and sections organizations. Wireframes helped me think about the layout of the website based on the website's contents and their priority levels. Then I continued designing in detail on Adobe Xd, before building it live using Webflow.


An elegant and playful personal brand identity in 2020.






Adobe Illustrator, Adobe Photoshop, InDesign, Adobe Xd, Webflow, After Effects

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