A UX/UI Project • February 2020

Natura is an imagined sustainable Canadian-based fashion boutique. In this project, I designed the website which includes the homepage, collections page, product page, shopping cart page, and others.

Fictitious landing page design


BACKGROUND. Natura is an imagined sustainable Canadian-based fashion boutique. Natura makes killer clothes that don’t kill the environment. Each style is made using repurposed vintage clothing, savaged deadstock fabric or new sustainable materials. The style is sexy, feminine, confident, effortless, eco-friendly, and vintage. The brand’s keywords are: sustainable, reduce, reuse, recycle feminine, and vintage.

OBJECTIVES. The objectives are to communicate the clothing product to potential customers, to showcase and sell their products in an online website, and to provide advertisement about sales, new items, collections or special events.

TARGET AUDIENCE. The target audience is primarily female, who are in the 25-32 age range. They are fashionable, environmentally conscious, and have a shopping habit that focuses more on quality than quantity. Some of their competitors are but not limited to: Reformation — a Toronto sustainable fashion brand, Los Angeles Apparel, etc.

Fictitious homepage desktop screens


INFORMATION. After doing some research about the competitors and creating personas, I planned out the website content for the homepage, collection page and product page. I learned that it is a good practice to study other competitors' websites to learn about their design patterns and structures. I came up with simple menu options which include the following sections: New, Collections, Sales, and About us. The homepage showcases all essential content (collection banner, new clothing, sales, about us, social media and newsletter) to fully promote products.

WIREFRAMES. The next step was creating wireframes and sections organizations. Wireframes helped me think about the layout of the website based on the website's contents and their priority levels. I started with sketches on paper. It helped me brainstorm layout concepts quickly, and then I continued designing in detail on Adobe Xd.

DESIGN. The final website design was focused on appropriate, modern typography and modern, feminine, clean design using design principles. The overall aesthetic of the website should reflect the brand's essence and unique characteristics. While the typeface for the headings is Aire — a font that gives off lightness and delicacy, Helvetica is used for the body text, sub-headings and buttons. Natura uses a feminine and earthy-toned color selection, which includes light nude pink and dark green as the main colors. The overall design looks feminine, soft and delicate with round buttons, fine lines and a lot of white space.


Passion Project — Web design for a sustainable fashion company.




Beauty & Fashion


Adobe Photoshop, Adobe Xd, Figma

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