A UX/UI Project • May 2020

Fictitious, an imagined film photography company, is in need of a website. For this project, I designed and developed the homepage for the company.

Fictitious landing page design


Fictitious, an imagined film photography business specializing in editorial and portraits, is in need of a website (they don’t have one currently) to display their photography portfolio to attract new clients of their own. The goal of the design was to complement the client’s discipline and display both examples of their work and company information. It also reflects the brand’s essence and characteristics (minimal, clean, simple, and vintage). Fictitious’ ideal target audience are people who are interested in photography services, specifically editorial, portrait shots and film photography.

Fictitious homepage desktop screens


INFORMATION. Since the business focuses on colour films and black and white films, the main highlight of the website was the portfolio contents. The sections of the homepage include: masthead and slogan, about, portfolio (colour films and black and white films), embedded social media link and posts, and contact information. I also did some research by looking up other photography websites and learned from them.

WIREFRAMES. I then created wireframes, or sections organization. Wireframes helped me think about the layout of the website based on the website's features and their priority levels. I started with sketches on paper. This helped me brainstorm the layout concepts quickly, and then I continued designing in detail on Adobe Xd. Since it's a photography portfolio website, it contains mostly images and less body texts. I finished this step quite fast.

DESIGN. In the design process, I kept it simple and minimal by using a limited number of colours and typefaces. The overall colours are mostly black and white, with neutral tones inspired by different skin tones that complement portrait shots. The typefaces used are the calligraphic-inspired serif typeface called Ogg for headings and the humanist sans-serif typeface Optima for body text. Overall, the final website design focused on good imagery (photos that express the brand's characteristics), compatible fonts combinations, and a minimal, clean layout with attention to detail.


Passion Project — Responsive photography website.






Adobe Photoshop, Adobe Xd, Figma

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